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Rocco Paterno, Physical Education, Carl Hankey School

Master Bob Stewart is one of the most charismatic, disciplined and knowledgeable instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is absolutely amazing with the students and teaches respect, discipline and focus, in addition to teaching the skills and history of martial arts. I marvel at how he runs his classes and the way that he gets kids to rise to the level of expectations that he has for them. He is a master at his craft and I highly recommend every parent to send their children to PKSA Karate.

Lieutenant Quyen Vuong, Chief of Mission Viejo Police Services reviewed PKSA Karate
via Facebook

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to PKSA Karate for partnering with our Crime Prevention team to support our Childhood Watch Safety Academy. Your interactive lesson stressing the importance of safety, respect, leadership and Self-confidence attributed to the success of the academy. Your emphasis the "Focus Rule" enlightened the children about self-awareness and the verbal boundary drills further empowered the children. Thank you your community support!

Patricia Uyehara reviewed PKSA Karate
via Facebook

Love the family feel! Thank you for always encouraging our little guy!

PKSA Karate Mission Viejo
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Summer Time – “But Mom… I’m Bored!”

Its June and you know what that means… Summer vacation is here! All our kids have been dreaming of time off! But what are they going to do?

Summer is awesome! Many kids will spend their first few days of summer vacation just resting and relaxing. Some families have vacations planned. Some kids will go to summer camp and some have other activities planned. But what typically happens after that? Kids sleep in, get up and play video games. They will watch YouTube, TV or just hang out on their phones looking at memes.

A little of that with Mom and Dad’s permission and supervision is totally fine. However, it’s not uncommon to see these activities become the main way our children spend their free time. When we try to restrict that behavior, we hear “But I’m bored. There’s nothing to do!”.

Parents, what can we do? Start by intentionally helping your kids balance their free time with meaningful activities. Set expectations for “screen time”. Next, and this is the key, back it up with something else to do. Talk about the importance of putting the needs of others first. Help them decide on summer service projects. Start with things they can do around the home for the family then explore what can be done in the community.

Some ideas: household “clean up” or improvement projects, start a garden for the home or the neighborhood. A Good Will drive or Food Drive around the neighborhood, contact local veterans’ groups and start a letter writing campaign.  Contact us for more ideas or how how to get started with one of these projects!

Try it out! Summer is an incredible opportunity to help our children develop positive character through service.